Captain John's Fine Art

About Captain John Sharp

Captain John W. Sharp's Journey

A Charterboat Captain and Educator who loves the Bay

I have lived on the Maryland Eastern Shore for over 40 years. Although I was an educator by trade, I quickly became fascinated with the area, especially the working culture of the waterman and life on and about the Chesapeake Bay. Almost immediately I started working commercially on the water. This started a love affair with the Chesapeake Bay that has continued to this day.

I have since retired from education and now own and operate Miss Molly Fishing Charters, running out of Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island. Known as "Captain John" to my customers, I have established a business that allows me to be on the water throughout most of the year. It has also given me an opportunity to experience and also appreciate a way of life that may soon disappear forever.

Since 2012, I have been creating, through painting, a variety of works based on my observations, memories, and experiences. My mission is to depict, through art, the culture of a life working on the water, as well as the beauty of natural landscapes.

I also have participated in art exhibits and trade shows, as well as had many paintings displayed at local businesses. Many of my original oil canvases, as well as numbered canvas & paper prints are available for sale. I will also take requests for a commissioned project, such as a painting of your boat.